Belgian designer Maarten Van Severen (1956-2005), the son of abstract painter Dan Van Severen, studied architecture at the Saint-Lucas Institute in Ghent. Around 1985 he set up a workshop for furniture and interiors. He made interiors for the Villa Dall’Ava (1991) in Paris (FR) and the Lemoine House (1999) in Floirac (FR) commissioned by the Dutch Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) of Rem Koolhaas. He collaborated intensively with the Swiss firm Vitra, that produces his chair .03 since 1998. His last big projects were the public spaces of the Van Abbemuseum (2001) in Eindhoven (NL) and the kitchen pavilion for the Boxy brothers (2005) in Deurle.


The Maarten Van Severen Foundation, founded in 2009, keeps his artistic legacy. In accordance with his own wish, his archives have been preserved intact in Ghent, accessible to a new generation of designers. You can find The Maarten Van Severen fountadtion here


Wästberg proudly reintroduced the U-Line lamps designed by Maarten Van Severen. The reintroduction was made possible by close collaboration with both Maarten’s family and The Maarten Van Severen Foundation. With improved mechanical and technical performance and equipped with LED’s, the lamp is now called w111 van severen. 


Photo: Bart Van Leuven

w111 van severen