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Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions for Sale of Products

Contact information
Wästberg Lighting AB (”Wästberg”)
Box 22266, 250 24 Helsingborg, Sweden
Swedish registration number: 556488-8831
Telephone: +46 42 284 440

1. General conditions 
1.1 These terms and conditions shall apply when you order products via our website

1.2 Wästberg has the right to modify, replace or discontinue any product without prior notice. 

1.3 By placing an order the customer declares to understand and accept these terms and conditions. 

2. Prices and payment
2.1 All prices shown on Wästberg’s website are inclusive of VAT. The products prices shown do not include delivery fee. A delivery fee of 20 € will be added to the total order price of all orders.

2.3 Payment can be made with all major credit and debit cards

2.4 Goods will be dispatched only upon receipt of full payment from the customer. 

3. Orders etc.
A sales agreement between Wästberg and the customer is generated through an order confirmation email, which will be sent to the customer shortly after the order has been placed on Wästberg’s website

4. Delivery terms
4.1 All online orders are subject to a 20 € delivery fee, which will be added to the total order price. 

4.2 Wästberg aims to deliver online orders within EU/EEA within approximately 21 days of purchase.

4.3 Wästberg will make all reasonable efforts to deliver the goods within 21 days or such other period stated in the order confirmation email. 

5. Defects
5.1 The customer will be responsible for inspecting the goods upon delivery.

5.2 Any shortage or defect shall be notified in writing to Wästberg as soon as you become aware of such shortage or defect. Notices that are given within a period of two months from the time the customer became aware of the defect or shortage will be considered to have been submitted in due time.

5.3 If a purchased item is defective or faulty, you have the right to demand that the product is repaired or re-delivered. In serious cases, you may be entitled to a price reduction or to cancel the purchase and receive a refund. You may also be entitled to claim damages. A product shall be considered defective if it deviates from the specifications stated on the website and/or in the order confirmation. 

5.4 If a delivered item is faulty, Wästberg will compensate you for your costs due to the complaint, e.g. return shipping. However, if a returned product claimed to be faulty turns out to be non-defective or that the damage has occurred through external damage, we will charge you a troubleshooting fee and for applicable shipping costs. 

5.4 Any claim for refund resulting from damage caused to products during transportation should be made to the delivery provider.

6. Right of withdrawal 
6.1 Consumers within EU and EEA have a 14 day right of withdrawal for goods purchased online. If you wish to make use of your withdrawal right, you must, within 14 days from receiving your order, send an email to, stating that you wish to exercise the right of withdrawal. 

6.2 When exercising your withdrawal right you are obligated to return the product to Wästberg, using the freight label provided by Wästberg, without undue delay and within 14 days of informing Wästberg of your decision to exercise your right of withdrawal. Products should be returned unused, in the original packaging and in the same condition as at the time you received such products. 

6.3 Upon receipt of the returned product, Wästberg will reimburse the value of the product, with a deduction of 20 € for the return freight. 

7. Returns etc.
7.1 Before a product is returned, approval from Wästberg shall be obtained by the customer. Wästberg will provide the customer with a return item number and a freight label. 

7.2 All returns shall be sent to Wästberg in its original packaging with the freight label and be marked with the return item number. If the return package lacks freight label or the return item number, Wästberg will reject the return. 

7.3 Upon receipt of the returned product, Wästberg will reimburse the value of the product, with a deduction of 20 € for the return freight.

7.4 Approved returns must be sent by the customer to Wästberg’s warehouse within two (2) months from receiving the freight label and the return item number. Otherwise the customer will not receive any credit or replacement goods, as the case may be, and the customer will lose its right to enforce any remedy applicable under these terms and conditions. 

8. Warranty
8.1 Wästberg gives a two (2) year warranty - valid from the invoice date - against manufacturing and material defects on all products. 

8.2 The warranty given above will not apply in case of failure due to normal wear and tear, accidental damage or failure by the customer or any third party to adhere to Wästberg’s instructions or written recommendations. 

8.3 If the conditions above are fulfilled, Wästberg will either repair or replace the products with new fully functional products. 

8.4 Costs related to troubleshooting, disassembly, electricians and other installation costs cannot be charged to Wästberg.

9. Governing law and disputes 
Swedish law shall apply to the terms and conditions and the sales agreement. Disputes arising in connection with the terms and conditions or the sales agreement shall be settled in court, with Helsingborg District Court as the court of first instance to the extent the law allows.