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Exhibition Dawid


This year, Wästberg celebrates its tenth anniversary. Interesting things are about to happen during the whole year. On the anniversary day 5 February, an event took place at Skridskopaviljongen in Stockholm. Swedish photographer Dawid, who in late autumn was asked to visually interpret Wästberg‘s lamps since the start, now exhibited the finished works.


Dawid was asked to immortalise Wästberg’s existing range, created during the period 2008–2018. The result is an unprecedented suite of photographs, in condensed yellow and black. What Dawid accomplished can be regarded as a kind of allegory of Plato’s over-two-thousand year-old allegory: Shadows cast by objects are merely imperfect representations of real objects. But in Wästberg’s case, the interpretation is more delicate. After all, the objects here represent both the light and the shadows.


Dawid (Björn Dawidsson), b. 1949, has been called Sweden’s first post-modern artist. He has for over thirty years been making series of photographically based artworks, examining the nature of the medium and exploring issues of perception. His work is represented in prestigious collections and museums around the world.