w153 île. Design Inga Sempé


Nominated by Tim Parsons


It is rare that a designer is able to bring something new to such a well-trodden typology as the lamp, but Inga Sempé has done just that with w153 île for Wästberg.


The clamping functionality is familiar from architects’ desk lamps, but here Sempé domesticates and augments it. The w153 île provides many different possible applications of the same lamp (clamped to a surface, on a surface or mounted on a wall). With continuing concerns over reducing waste, products that can be reconfigured at different points in time provide longevity unmatched by those with highly specialised uses.


With the characterful silhouette of a parasol (provided by its ingenious magnet shade) and available in many different colours, the lamp has a contemporary aesthetic that masks its techniacal achievements.


- Tim Parsons