Wästberg + Massproductions


On February 8 Wästberg and Massproductions open a new studio and showroom on Hammarby Allégata 51 in Stockholm. The neighbourhood by the Hammarby quay is a former industrial area that’s being colonized by creative people and businesses – a natural home for two growing design companies.


No 51 is part of “Allén”, a sleek, dark, neomodernist building designed by Johannes Norlander, with a no-nonsense industrial touch that anchors it in the history of its surroundings. Massproductions and Wästberg share space on the ground floor, where Wästberg’s contemporary designer lighting and Massproductions’ elegantly utilitarian furniture play off each other.


“We are two growing companies with international client lists. We have a similar approach to creating products and could care less about passing fads. So in many respects we are a very good match,” says Magnus Wästberg, founder and CEO of Wästbergs.


The interior concept is created by Stockholm architects Guise, with natural light pouring through the window wall and artificial light by Wästberg defining the interior volume. In true modernist fashion, the fundamental components of the building are exposed, with monolithic walls dividing the space and functional materials like concrete and glass dominating.


“You could call it our interpretation of “Modernism 2.0”. We wanted to create a clean space with no superfluous embellishment, honest materials and clarity of function, purpose and construction,” says Jani Kristoffersen, co-founder of Guise.


Behind the showroom, the offices are furnished entirely with Massproductions products and illuminated by Wästberg, making the workspace an exhibition in its own right. It’s a seamless concept from Johannes Norlander’s industrial references through Guise’s sophisticated play with light and materials, to every desk and lamp.


“The building itself, the interior design, the products and the operations combine into a holistic representation of Massproductions and Wästbergs work. The new showroom will be a creative home base, as well as a meeting place where clients can experience our products and ideas first hand,” says Massproductions CEO Magnus Elebäck.

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