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In close collaboration with leading architects and designers, our aim is to create well-being through good light.

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w162 Dalston

w162 Dalston takes its cue from lamps commonly found in workshops, inspired not only by the honesty and functionality that define their every aspect, but also their classic, unassuming character. Refining and updating this practical approach with advanced LED technology, w162 Dalston provides high-quality illumination without attracting too much attention – unless, of course, you want it to.

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No. 3: Modernism in Wuppertal

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Holocene from Wästberg

Usually, with leading architects and designers, Wästberg create beautiful lighting with state-of-the-art technology. Sometimes we avoid electricity.

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What is good light?

Since the dawn of humankind, our relationship to light has been defined by fire. At Wästberg, we believe in creating modern-day fires – light that shines for us, not on us.

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Light should shine

for us not on us

Wästberg was founded in 2008 by Magnus Wästberg in Helsingborg, Sweden. Throughout the years, Wästberg has established long-lasting collaborations with leading architects and designers such as Ilse Crawford, David Chipperfield, Claesson Koivisto Rune, and Dirk Winkel to creates long-lasting, technologically driven, economically viable and environmentally conscious lighting. Lighting that answers to fundamental human needs, both physical and emotional, and adapts to these needs as they evolve and shift.

Our products are developed in Sweden and can be found in offices, homes, hotels, and museums all over the world, earning us international acclaim and over 50 prestigious design awards.

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Modern day fires by you