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During this year edition of 3daysofdesign, Wästberg is part of Design / Dialogue by Ark Journal – a new exhibition concept leading the way for the future of design, craftsmanship, and creative collaborations. For the first time during 3daysofdesign, Ark Journal brings together more than 20 international design brands and artists from all corners of the world. Curated by the team behind Ark Journal, the focus of this exhibition is to promote high-quality design and to show new products in an inspiring and relevant way. At the showroom of our local distributor Anker & Co our full collection can be explored. The showroom is located across the street from Design / Dialogue exhibition.

Design / Dialogue by Ark Journal
12–14 June, 10am–6pm
Pakhus 11, Dampfærgevej 2
2100 Copenhagen

Find more information here.