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Introducing w203 Ilumina


Shining in the dark like an illuminated manuscript, w203 ilumina is our update of the classic library lamp – drawing on innovative lighting technology while personifying our love of materials. Its high-gloss copper surface will acquire a beautiful patina with time. It is also available in sober brushed aluminium, as well as soft eggshell white.

Whether used in the home or the office, w203 Ilumina offers a warm, familiar ambience and directed light with clear yet gentle definition. With no visible light source to distract the eye, it allows its owner to fully enjoy the benefits of light.

Design: Ilse Crawford


Model: Table lamp

Material: Solid copper / aluminium

Dimensions: H305 × W404 mm

Colour: Copper / aluminium / white

Light source: COB LED integrated

Watt: 6 W

Lumen: 690

Lumen/W: 115

Colour temperature: 2700 K

CRI: >90

Light control: Dimmable

Flicker-free: Yes

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