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Holocene No. 4: John Pawson

Pawson’s design for Holocene No. 4 takes the notion of the oil lantern and meticulously reduces it to its essence in terms of function, form and palette, as a container for fire, with the means to carry or suspend. Crucible-like in profile, the lantern is fabricated in stainless steel and aluminium, with matte exterior surfaces and a polished internal core, to reflect and amplify the flame. The piece is designed for indoor and outdoor use and scaled to feel comfortable in a range of applications, singly or in groups, on the dining table or a windowsill, standing on the floor or hanging from a wall.

Holocene No.4: John Pawson

550 EUR

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Art. No. H040101

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John Pawson

John Pawson was born in Yorkshire, in the north of England, in 1949. As Alvar Aalto’s bronze door handle has been characterised as the ‘handshake of a building’, so a sense of engaging with the essence of a philosophy of space through everything the eye sees or the hand touches is a defining aspect of Pawson’s work. Everything is traceable back to a consistent set of preoccupations with mass, volume, surface, proportion, junction, geometry, repetition, light and ritual. In this way, even something as modest as a fork can become a vehicle for much broader ideas about how we live and what we value.

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Technical specifications

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Oil lamp


Hanger & oil canister: stainless steel
Shade: aluminium


W135 × H435 mm

Art. No.


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Holocene No.4

374 EUR


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