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w153 Île

Rethinking the clamp lamp

With w153 Île, Inga Sempé revisits the simple yet clever clamp lamps of her childhood, upgrading their status while adding stability, personality and multi-functionality.

w153 Île

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Art. No. 153M19005

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Pared down and teched up

While capturing the original clamp lamp’s simplicity, w153 Île features refined technical solutions to meet contemporary needs. A COB LED emits a soft, warm white light, and a magnetic ball-joint construction allows for smooth, precise adjustment of the aluminium shade.

Endless possibilities

w153 Île shines brightly enough to be your bedside reading partner, as well as gladly playing a more decorative role, adding a dash of light and colour where needed. Its flat base allows it to stand confidently on its own, or to be mounted on a wall. And, of course, a clamp allows you to attach the lamp wherever you want it.


w153 Île is available in seven colours.

Full-spectrum LED

Designed to recreate the full, uninterrupted colour spectrum of sunlight, full-spectrum light has a rich, profound quality that is impossible to achieve with the limited spectrum of a standard LED. Full-spectrum light also offers superior colour rendering, making it an ideal choice for environments where correct colour perception is a vital aspect.

Inga Sempé

French designer, born in Paris, Inga Sempé graduated from ENSCI-Les Ateliers (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle, Paris) in 1993. She opened her own studio in 2000. In the beginning, she first collaborated with the Italian companies Cappellini and Edra. Now Sempé works among others with Scandinavian, Italian and French companies such as HAY, Ligne Roset, Wästberg, Magis, Alessi, LucePlan, Mutina, Iittala, Moustache, Svenskt Tenn, and Gärsnäs. She lives and works in Paris, assisted by two other designers.

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Technical specifications

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Luminous intensity distribution (polar)

w153 Île



Shade & base: aluminium


Reflector: ABS
Diffuser: PMMA

IP rating


Protection class 



Light source

COB LED (included)

Life time expectancy

L80 / 50,000 h

CRI Colour Rendering Index


Standard deviation of colour matching

3-step MacAdam

Replaceable by a professional

Article specifications
LED Colour temperature (CCT) / Luminous flux 
Voltage / System power 
Light control 
Net weight 
Packaging dimensions
Gross weight
Traffic white (RAL 9016)
Jet black (RAL 9005)
Poppy red (NCS S-0580 Y80R)
Sky blue (NCS S-0515R90B)
Light yellow (NCS S-1020 G80Y)
Grey brown (NCS S-5010 Y90R)
Petrol (NCS S-6530 B30G)

w153 Île

Base, clamp and wall-mounted
2700 K / 110 lm
100–240 V / 7.5 W
14 lm / W
On/Off Switch on cord
0.4 kg
L21 × W21 × H11 cm (0.005 m³)
0.8 kg
Art. No. / EAN code
153M19016 / 7330492007991
153M19005 / 7330492007984
153M10580 / 7330492006062
153M10515 / 7330492006079
153M11020 / 7330492006086
153M15010 / 7330492006093
153M16530 / 7330492006109


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