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w181 Linier

A linear spotlight

At first glance, the w181 Linier resembles a linear pendant lamp. However, a closer look at its geometrically strict body reveals that there’s more to it than meets the eye.

w181 Linier

1025 €

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Art. No. 181S152705

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Precisely defined light

A series of 256 deep-recessed individual optical systems, packed ultra-tight, provides a crisp directed light.

Glare-free light

Separate anti-glare compartments guarantee a comfortable, glare-free light with a low UGR (unified glare rating).

Versatile, integrated dimming

For a smoother user experience, the w181 Linier is available with integrated dimming wheels at both ends; each can be turned independently to set the desired light level, allowing for optimal adaptability.

Precise engineering

A lot of effort has been put into the precision engineering of w181 Linier’s sleek black aluminium body. For example, w181 Linier is suspended at its Bessel points to create perfect balance and stability in relation to its long, slender proportions.

Dirk Winkel

Dirk Winkel is a Berlin-based product designer who graduated from the Royal College of Art London, MA Design Products in 2010. Specialized in lighting and furniture design, he set up his design office in Berlin in summer 2011. Driven by the idea of formal purism as a basic principle of sustainability, his great interests are the exploration of pushing the boundaries of mass production techniques, the rethinking of light and lighting paradigms, and the investigation of new materials and their ecological and design potential. Since 2012 he has been teaching Design Construction at the Industrial Design course of the UdK Berlin. In 2022, he was appointed guest professor for product design at the HBKsaar. His work has won numerous awards and nominations like the Swedish Design Award (Svensk Form), Designs of the Year (London Design Museum), the German Design Award (Special Mention) and the Editors‘ Choice Award (Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair).

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Technical specifications

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Luminous intensity distribution (polar)

w181 Linier 4000 K

w181 Linier 4000 K

Light calculation: single workplace Suspension height: 1.80 m UGR ≤ 19 / L65 ≤ 3000 cd/m2



Lamp body: aluminium
Canopy & bracket: ABS


Louvre: polyamide
Lens: PMMA 



Protection class 



Light source

Integrated LED (included)

Life time expectancy

L80 / 50,000 h

CRI Colour Rendering Index

≥ 90

Standard deviation of colour matching

3-step MacAdam

Replaceable by a professional

Article specifications
Colour temperature (CCT)/ Luminous flux
Voltage / System power
Light control
Net weight 
Packaging dimensions
Gross weight
2700 K Colour temperature (CCT) 
Jet black (RAL 9005)
3000 K Colour temperature (CCT) 
Jet black (RAL 9005)
Traffic white (RAL 9016)
4000 K Colour temperature (CCT) 
Jet black (RAL 9005)
Traffic white (RAL 9016)

w181 Linier

w181 Linier
Ceiling suspended
2700 K / 2205 lm
3000 K / 2205 lm
4000 K / 2380 lm
220-240 V / 60 W
40 lm / W
DALI dim-Push dim / Integrated rotary dimmer
1.7 kg
L173 × W18 × H8 cm (0.03 m³)
2.4 kg
Art. No. / EAN code
181S152705 / 7330492000121
Art. No. / EAN code
181S153005 / 7330492000138
Art. No. / EAN code
181S154005 / 7330492000145

w181 Linier pro s1

pro s1
Ceiling suspended
3000 K / 2730 lm
4000 K / 2781 lm
220–240 V / 20.7 W
134 lm / W
DALI dim-Push dim
1.7 kg
Art. No. / EAN code
Art. No. / EAN code
181PS123005 / 7330492002088
181PS123002 / 7330492002101
Art. No. / EAN code
181PS124005 / 7330492002095
181PS124002 / 7330492002118

w181 Linier pro s2

pro s2
Ceiling suspended
3000 K / 5460 lm
4000 K / 5686 lm
220–240 V / 41.4 W
137 lm / W
DALI dim-Push dim
2.7 kg
Art. No. / EAN code
Art. No. / EAN code
181PS223005 / 7330492002125
181PS223002 / 7330492002149
Art. No. / EAN code
181PS224005 / 7330492002132
181PS224002 / 7330492002156