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w223 Pawson

Quietly monumental

John Pawson’s design combines curved and rectilinear elements to create a quietly monumental volume. Notched cut-outs in the form contribute detail to the lamp’s distinctive profile, while also serving the functional purpose of shaping the way the light is cast and creating an entry point for the cable. Each version explores a contrasting interaction of material and light - the lambent potential of marble and the reflective quality of aluminium.

w223 Pawson

494 €

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Art. No. 223T12027

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Artisanal marble

Solid marble of the finest quality, skilfully crafted by artisans with profound experience and technical know-how, gives w223 Pawson remarkable heft and beauty. In itself, w223 Pawson is a stunning piece; once turned on, its light further enhances the marble’s intrinsic luminosity.

Metallurgic mastery

The aluminium version of w223 Pawson is masterly and seamlessly crafted, featuring a striking, matte exterior and a hollow interior, for a fascinating play between shadows and reflections.

John Pawson

For over 30 years, John Pawson CBE’s work – rigorous in its simplicity and modesty – has addressed the fundamentals of architecture. It spans a wide range of scales and typologies, from private residences, museums, and hotels, to ballet sets and sacred spaces. 
Like Alvar Aalto’s bronze door handle – “the handshake of a building” – Pawson’s work engages with a philosophy of space through sight and touch. He applies the exact same approach to both buildings and design commissions: “it’s all architecture”.
Regardless of scale, all of his projects share a consistent focus on mass, volume, surface, proportion, junction, geometry, repetition, light and ritual. In this way, even a modest fork becomes a vehicle for much broader ideas about how we live and what we value.

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Technical specifications

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Lamp body: marble/aluminium
Dimmer housing on cord: ABS 


Lens: polycarbonate 

IP rating


Protection class 



Light source

Integrated LED

Lifetime expectancy

L80 / 50,000 h

CRI Colour rendering index

≥ 95

Stand. deviation of colour 

3-step MacAdam 

Replaceable by a professional

Article specifications
LED Colour temperature (CCT) / Luminous flux
Voltage / System power
Light control
Net weight
Packaging dimensions
Gross weight

w223 Pawson marble

2700 K / 115 lm
100–240 V / 7.8 W
15 lm/W
Dimmer switch on cord
5.1 kg
L23.9 x W23.9 x H11.1cm (0.006 m³)
6.0 kg
Art. No. / EAN code
223T14027 / 7330492000527

w223 Pawson aluminium

2700 K / 135 lm
100–240 V / 7.8 W
17 lm/W
Dimmer switch on cord
1.2 kg
L26.1 × W24.7 x H13.1 cm (0.008 m³)
1.7 kg
Art. No. / EAN code
223T12027 / 7330492000534


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