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w225 Ion

Fluid precision

Don’t let w225 Ion’s delicate lines deceive you: This is the ultimate result of research, a journey into light technology and mechanical engineering. Behind its understated lines lies a beautifully configurable system of light. Its mechanics centre around a highly sophisticated miniature friction joint with cordless power connection, allowing 360° rotation. From wide-angle workspace illumination to focused bedside reading light, w225 Ion is truly designed for versatility – while offering light that is nothing short of exceptional.

w225 Ion

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Art. No. 225B40400530W

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Cordless 360° joint

The core of w225 Ion’s mechanical design is its miniature friction joint, the result of dedicated research and development. While akin to the joints used in modern laptops, this solution features a much wider movement range of 360°. Solidly built, it allows for fluid yet exact positioning at any angle – and then stays put, even after countless readjustments.

Endless possibilities

A choice of arms in two different lengths, combined with various mounting options, allows for a wide range of lighting possibilities. Task light or reading light, floor lamp or wall mounted – it’s all up to you. All elements are available in black or white. In 2024 we introduce an additional tumbled raw aluminium finish for some versions.

Exceptional light

The lighting technology in w225 Ion is the result of a perfect balance between several ingenious components, each playing its own role in delivering exceptionally high-performance illumination. The state-of-the-art-full-spectrum COB LED provides absolutely stunning light further refined by a high-quality lens. A sophisticated heat management system and effective glare protection optimise the lifespan and performance of the LED, while allowing for comfortable use.

Two angles of light

Available in two different optical systems, depending on the light you want to create: wide and even, or narrow with a clear-cut spotlight definition.

Full-spectrum LED

Designed to recreate the full, uninterrupted colour spectrum of sunlight, full-spectrum light has a rich, profound quality that is impossible to achieve with the limited spectrum of a standard LED. Full-spectrum light also offers superior colour rendering, making it an ideal choice for environments where correct colour perception is a vital aspect.

A choice of two colour temperatures

The light is available in two different colour temperatures – 2700 K or 3000 K.


w225 Ion is available in a tumbled raw aluminium finish, with no added coatings or protective treatments. This allows for resource-efficient production, easier recycling, and a graceful ageing process. From the start, its naturally textured surface has a rich, tactile depth, with any marks from the production process only adding to its character. Over time, stains, fingerprints, and oxidation will evolve into a beautiful, distinctive patina.

Dirk Winkel

Dirk Winkel is a Berlin-based product designer who graduated from the Royal College of Art London, MA Design Products in 2010. Specialized in lighting and furniture design, he set up his design office in Berlin in summer 2011. Driven by the idea of formal purism as a basic principle of sustainability, his great interests are the exploration of pushing the boundaries of mass production techniques, the rethinking of light and lighting paradigms, and the investigation of new materials and their ecological and design potential. Since 2012 he has been teaching Design Construction at the Industrial Design course of the UdK Berlin. In 2022, he was appointed guest professor for product design at the HBKsaar. His work has won numerous awards and nominations like the Swedish Design Award (Svensk Form), Designs of the Year (London Design Museum), the German Design Award (Special Mention) and the Editors‘ Choice Award (Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair).

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Technical specifications

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Luminous intensity distribution (polar)

w225 Ion 3000 K narrow

w225 Ion 3000 K wide



Lamp body & wall bracket: aluminium
Base & pin: steel


Glare shade: polyamide
Lens: polycarbonate

IP rating


Protection class 



Light source

COB LED (included)

Lifetime expectancy 

L80 / 50,000 h 

CRI Colour rendering index


Standard deviation of colour matching

3-step MacAdam

Replaceable by a professional


Article specifications
LED Colour temperature (CCT) / Luminous flux 
Voltage / System power 
Beam angle / Optics 
Light control 
Net weight 
2700 K Colour temperature (CCT) 
Traffic white (RAL 9016)
Jet black (RAL 9005)
Raw tumbled 
3000 K Colour temperature (CCT) 
Traffic white (RAL 9016)
Jet black (RAL 9005)
Raw tumbled 
Adapter suitable for USM Haller Table 
Adapter suitable for USM Haller Shelf 
Adapter suitable for Vitra Joyn 2 
Adapter suitable for Vitra Tyde 2 
Narrow / Lens
Wide / Reflector & diffuser

w225 Ion b4040

3000 K / 439 lm
100–240 V / 6.3 W
60 lm / W
Wide / Lens
1.7 kg
Art. No. / EAN code
Art. No. / EAN code
225B40400230W / 7330492000541
225B40400530W / 7330492000558
225B40402030W / 7330492001845
Art. No. / EAN code

w225 Ion p4040

Pin - integrated (hole ⌀14 mm)
3000 K / 439 lm
100–240 V / 6.3 W
60 lm / W
Wide / Lens
0.3 kg
Art. No. / EAN code
Art. No. / EAN code
225P40400230W / 7330492000565
225P40400530W / 7330492000572
225P40402030W / 7330492001852
Art. No. / EAN code
225ACC001 / 7330492002002
225ACC006 / 7330492002019
225ACC002 / 7330492002026
225ACC003 / 7330492002033

w225 Ion b9040

Floor base
2700 K / 380 lm
3000 K / 405 lm
100–240 V / 6.3 W
70 lm / W
Narrow / Lens
1.8 kg
Art. No. / EAN code
225B90400227N / 7330492000602
225B90400527N / 7330492000619
Art. No. / EAN code
225B90400230N / 7330492000589
225B90400530N / 7330492000596
Art. No. / EAN code


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