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Inspiring spaces

No. 2: House with a hidden atrium


On the northwestern shore of the island of Zealand, 70 km from Copenhagen, a 1950s cottage rests on a slope with a sweeping view of the bay. The cottage was recently expanded with a freestanding addition. The house now consists of four spaces of varying heights, arranged to create a hidden atrium in the middle. The interior walls are covered with plywood with various veneers, and have strategically placed windows that frame the treetops outside. The transformation of a simple cottage into a sophisticated, functional architectural structure reflects Wästberg’s philosophy: respecting and retaining eternal values while acknowledging and making the best of the inevitable requirements of a new era.

w153 Île

w153 Île is inspired by the classic clamp lamps of the fifties, and casts a soft, warm white light. Its flat base enables it to be placed on the floor, and the clamp essentially anywhere else. Available in seven colours. w153 Île was created in cooperation with French designer Inga Sempé.

w102 Chipperfield

w102 Chipperfield, in solid brass or darkened steel, originates from the archetypal desktop lamp, and is equally suitable at home or at the office. Also available in floor or wall-mounted versions. w102 Chipperfield was created in cooperation with British architect David Chipperfield.

w162 Dalston

w162 Dalston is inspired by the ordinary workshop lamp, with its classic, unassuming personality. The cast-aluminium LED module, available in four colours, is connected to a screen of spun steel or handblown glass. w162 Dalston was created in cooperation with Sam Hecht and Kim Colin.

w203 Ilumina

w203 Ilumina, a reimagining of the classic library lamp, is available in austere brushed aluminium, polished copper and soft eggshell white. Innovative illumination technology that will turn dimming into your favourite activity. w203 Ilumina was created in cooperation with British designer Ilse Crawford.

w222 Focal

w222 Focal provides exceptional directional light while enhancing its surroundings with an architectonically interesting yet warmly appealing design, built on the square and the circle. Can be mounted on the ceiling, attached to the wall or suspended like a pendant. w222 Focal was created in cooperation with British architect David Chipperfield.

w223 Pawson

w223 Pawson’s quietly monumental volume explores contrasts in the interaction of material and light in various ways, in either Carrara marble or aluminium. w223 Pawson was created in cooperation with British architect John Pawson.


Photographer: Markus Linderoth
Architect: Förstberg Ling