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w162 Dalston

Beautiful light in multiple shapes and forms

w162 Dalston takes its cue from lamps commonly found in workshops, inspired not only by the honesty and functionality that define their every aspect, but also their classic, unassuming character. Refining and updating this practical approach with advanced LED technology, w162 Dalston provides high-quality illumination without attracting too much attention – unless, of course, you want it to.

Building on these qualities, we introduce a new shade design – w162 Dalston s3 – in 2024. This new shade features an alternative graphic form: smaller, singular in material, consisting entirely of die-cast aluminum, and with a technical grace that is perfectly suited for smaller-scale illumination needs. 

w162 Dalston

469 €

Incl. VAT

Art. No. 162S119011

In stock.
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Beautiful light

w162 Dalston’s integrated COB LED light source, combined with a reflector and a prismatic diffuser, results in a light that is beautifully and evenly distributed over large surfaces.

Customisable system

Building on the robust reliability of its predecessors, w162 Dalston features honest, durable materials and a clever construction. The die-cast aluminium LED engine – which doubles as a heat sink – attaches to the separate shade in spun steel.

Palette of four colours

The LED engine comes in four colours, and can be paired with either of the three sizes of metal shades – each available in the same colour palette as the LED engine. In 2024 we introduce an additional brushed raw aluminium finish.


w162 Dalston is available in a tumbled raw aluminium finish, with no added coatings or protective treatments. This allows for resource-efficient production, easier recycling, and a graceful ageing process. From the start, its naturally textured surface has a rich, tactile depth, with any marks from the production process only adding to its character. Over time, stains, fingerprints, and oxidation will evolve into a beautiful, distinctive patina.

Minimal glare

Thanks to the LED engine’s deeply recessed light source, w162 Dalston offers a highly efficient glare protection even when hung high.

Track compatible

Compatible with all major light track systems.

Sam Hecht and Kim Colin

Sam Hecht and Kim Colin created their office Industrial Facility to apply a thoughtful consideration of form with a unique understanding of contemporary life, creating beauty out of utility in the products, furniture and exhibitions they design. Hecht, from London, trained as an industrial designer, while Colin, from Los Angeles, trained as an architect. With a roster of pioneering clients, including Muji and Herman Miller, they are regarded for their philosophical and pragmatic approach. They are both elected Royal Designers, an honour that recognises sustained design excellence with significant benefit to society. Works are held in most permanent collections, including the MoMA, NY; Centre Pompidou, Paris; and the V&A, London.

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Technical specifications

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Luminous intensity distribution (polar)

w162 Dalston s1 silk grey

w162 Dalston s2 silk grey



Shade: aluminium / die-cast aluminium
LED engine: die-cast aluminium
Canopy: polycarbonate
Textile cable


Reflector & diffuser prism: polycarbonate

IP rating


Protection class



Light source

COB LED (included)

Lifetime expectancy

L80 / 50,000 h

CRI Colur Rendering Index

≥ 90

Standard deviation of colour matching

3-step MacAdam

Replaceable by a professional

Article specifications
LED Colour temperature (CCT) / Luminous flux 
Voltage / System power 
Light control
Net weight
Packaging dimensions
Gross weight
Graphite black (RAL 9011)
Silk grey (RAL 7044)
Nut brown (RAL 8011)
Olive green (RAL 6003)
Raw tumbled/aluminium (painted) 
Raw tumbled 

w162 Dalston s1

Ceiling suspended
2700 K / 524 lm
220–240 V / 9 W
55 lm / W
Phase-cut dim
1.2 kg
L38 × W38 × H25 cm (0.04 m³)
2.6 kg
Art. No. / EAN code
162S119011 / 7330492009131
162S127044 / 7330492009193
162S138011 / 7330492009254
162S146003 / 7330492009315
162S150002 / 7330492000893

w162 Dalston s2

Ceiling suspended
2700 K / 515 lm
220–240 V / 9 W
55 lm / W
Phase-cut dim
1.6 kg
L44.5 × W44.5 × H25 cm (0.05 m³)
3.6 kg
Art. No. / EAN code
162S219011 / 7330492009322
162S227044 / 7330492009377
162S238011 / 7330492009421
162S246003 / 7330492009476
162S250002 / 7330492000985

w162 Dalston s3

Ceiling suspended
2700 K / 501 lm
220–240 V / 9 W
55 lm / W
Phase-cut dim
1.4 kg
L38 × W38 × H25 cm (0.04 m³)
2.8 kg
Art. No. / EAN code
162S319011 / 7330492001135
162S327044 / 7330492001098
162S350002 / 7330492001074