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Wästberg launches new 2022 collections


Wästberg launches new 2022 collections in collaboration with John Pawson, Claesson Koivisto Rune, David Chipperfield and Dirk Winkel alongside re-engineered classics by Inga Sempé and Nendo.

Wästberg, the Sweden based lighting brand, has unveiled a series of new lighting collections that continue the brands commitment to create products that promote wellbeing through good light, while also pushing the envelope in terms of technical innovation and performance. Alongside these new designs, Wästberg also presents upgraded and re-engineered versions of two of its most popular lights.

w221 Medium pendant – designed in collaboration with Claesson Koivisto Rune

With their starkly reduced silhouettes, exaggerated dimensions and beautiful light, the w151 Extra large pendant and w201 Extra small pendant, designed by Swedish architects Claesson Koivisto Rune, both became instant classics. Now, this family of elemental, archetypal conical forms is completed with the addition of a new w221 medium pendant, which is tailored to situations where w201 is too small and w151 too large.

The w221 effortlessly lends its distinctive aesthetics to a wide range of environments, providing both office and home settings with well-defined, comfortable light. Each of the three cone variations – artfully crafted in spun aluminium – make a bold statement on its own and can be combined in an infinite number of combinations to create a dynamic lighting solution. Within each cone, a high-quality SML LED solution is used to create an even spread of dimmable, warm white light that is beautifully defined, even, and effective without being overpowering.

w222 Focal – designed in collaboration with David Chipperfield

Highly professional, yet strong in personality, the w222 Focal, designed by acclaimed British architect David Chipperfield, not only delivers exceptional focal light but also enriches its surroundings with a design that is both architectonic and appealing. The design of w222 cleverly merges the square and circle into an archetypal whole that feels familiar but also interesting. The optic lens of w222 Focal is specifically developed to take focal illumination to a whole new level. Put on a COB LED it creates a clearly defined light that is remarkably rich and crisp. The w222 Focal is constructed from die-cast aluminium in a smooth finish and comes in a subtle colour palette; it can be flexibly wall or ceiling mounted or suspended.

w223 Pawson – designed in collaboration with John Pawson

Celebrated Architect John Pawson’s first Wästberg lamp combines curved and rectilinear elements to create a quietly monumental volume. Notched cut-outs in the form contribute detail to the lamp’s distinctive profile, while also serving the functional purpose of shaping the way the light is cast and creating an entry point for the cable. The lighting solution on the w223 is specifically designed to highlight the lamps sculptural qualities and is dimmable, so the light source can be reduced to an intriguing glow.

Each version explores a contrasting interaction of material and light, in the form of the lambent potential of marble and the reflective quality of aluminium. The solid marble of the finest quality, skillfully crafted by artisans with profound experience and technical know-how, gives w223 Pawson remarkable heft and beauty. The w223 Pawson is a beautiful object and once turned on, the light further enhances the white marble’s intrinsic luminosity. In contrast, the aluminium version of w223 Pawson has been masterfully and seamlessly crafted and features a striking, matte exterior and a hollow interior that creates a fascinating play between shadows and reflections.

w224 Alto pendant – designed in collaboration with Dirk Winkel

The w224 Alto pendant developed with Berlin based product designer Dirk Winkel is the epitome of purism. A small cylindrical body – a pendant in its most reduced form – that boasts an impressive indirect light, capable of filling a whole room with soft, balanced illumination. Based on the brutalist-inspired aesthetics and dimensions of the Winkel designed w164 Alto floor lamp but even more powerful, the design is defined by its central heatsink crafted from a single piece of solid diecast aluminium. The geometric arrangement of vertical pins on the heatsink allows for a super effective thermal management, allowing the w224 Alto pendant to provide unparalleled light.

Multi-directional LED technology creates an incredibly wide-angle, even light distribution, while four powerful COBs provide a generous, indirect light of 11000 lm – enough to illuminate a large room, but also dimmable for a more atmospheric effect.

w225 Ion – designed in collaboration with Dirk Winkel

The design of the w225 Ion, developed with Dirk Winkel is the result of in-depth research into lighting technology and mechanical engineering. Behind its understated lines lies a configurable system of light and mechanics centred around a highly sophisticated miniature friction joint with cordless power connection that allows for true 360° rotation. From wide- angle workspace illumination to focused bedside reading light, w225 Ion is designed for versatility and offers an exceptional light. Solidly built, the custom friction joint allows for fluid yet exact positioning at any angle but then securely stays put until the next adjustment.

The lighting technology in w225 Ion is the result of a perfect balance between several ingenious components, each playing its own role in delivering exceptionally high-performance illumination. A state-of-the-art full spectrum COB LED provides brilliant light in either 2700 or 3000K, further refined by a high-quality lens with prismatic diffuser. A refined heat management system and effective glare protection optimise the lifespan and performance of LED, while allowing for safe, comfortable handling. A choice of arms in two different lengths, combined with various mounting options allows for a wide range of positioning options. A full- spectrum LED creates a high-quality light that offers superior colour rendering, making it an ideal choice for designer workspaces and other environments where correct colour perception is vital.

w227 Winkel alu – designed in collaboration with Dirk Winkel

The w227 Winkel alu is the evolution of the w127 Winkel, first designed in 2012. The w227 Winkel alu is a next-generation task light featuring new, slimmer arm profiles and joints, an extended movement range, and a highly evolved light technology. Built around a COB LED, the w227 is a precisely engineered lighting solution in a system of several individual components. Each of these plays its own vital role in delivering a generous yet incredibly even spread of high-quality, dimmable light over a large surface.

Designed to adapt seamlessly to modern working environments, w227 Winkel alu offers two mounting options – base or pin – and is available in both white and black. Designed to require as little aluminium as possible, its slender arms and joints are now hollow, allowing previously visible cables and springs to be concealed.

The w227 Winkel alu features an effective anti-glare construction, while a full spectrum LED recreates the full, uninterrupted colour spectrum of sunlight, making it an ideal choice for designer workspaces and other environments where correct colour perception is vital.

w103 Sempé – designed in collaboration with Inge Sempé

A simple and solid design, the versatile w103 Sempé combines weight and lightness in one balanced piece that continues to stand the test of time., Originally launched in 2010, The w103 Sempé has now been refined and upgraded with new lighting and mechanical solutions.

Inspired by traditional machine tool lighting, w103 Sempé table lamp is a beautiful, versatile light with sturdy, long-lasting mechanics. With three different positioning angles and an adjustable shade, it is an adaptable lamp for any environment and available with a base or clamp, both featuring a cleat for winding up excess cable and features a custom-developed, dimmable SMD LED engine and a full spectrum LED – for a high-performance light. The w103 Sempé pendant lamp now comes in a choice of six new colours: Traffic white, Poppy Red, Light Yellow, Grey Brown, Slate Blue and Jet Black.

w132 Nendo – designed in collaboration with Nendo

The w132 Nendo is one of Wästberg’s more playful lighting solutions. Easily transformed by adding, switching and rearranging its components. The w132 Nendo is being relaunched with an ingenious new construction built around a new custom-developed die-cast aluminium LED engine that generates a pleasant, comfortable light. Its 30 SMD LEDs can be dimmed down from a powerful working light to a soft, atmospheric illumination. The w132 Nendo can be transformed into different typologies; suspend it from the ceiling as a pendant lamp or add a longer pole to the table version to turn it into a floor lamp.

About Wästberg

The Swedish lighting company Wästberg was founded in 2008 by Magnus Wästberg with the goal of improving people’s well-being through good light. Wästberg quickly established productive, long-term collaborations with leading architects and designers, including David Chipperfield, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Ilse Crawford, John Pawson, Inga Sempé and Dirk Winkel. Wästberg lamps are found in offices, homes, hotels and museum collections around the world. With over 50 prestige design awards received to date, the company has established a well-respected international reputation.

Notes to editors

To coincide with Light + Building (2-6 October) Wästberg has opened a new showroom at Europa Allee 18, 60327 Frankfurt. For the opening, the showroom will showcase new products in collaboration with: David Chipperfield, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Nendo, John Pawson, Inga Sempé and Dirk Winkel.

Full technical information is available for each new Wästberg light and Wästberg lights are available to purchase internationally.

For further information, hi-res images and interviews with Magnus Wästberg or the designers please contact:

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Lotta Wästberg
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