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w224 Alto pendant

Vast illumination

w224 Alto pendant is the epitome of purism: a small cylindrical body – a pendant in its most reduced form – boasting an impressive indirect light, capable of filling a whole room with soft, balanced illumination.

Based on the brutalist-inspired aesthetics and dimensions of the w164 Alto floor lamp but even more powerful, its design is defined by its central, artfully engineered heat sink. And like its predecessor, w224 Alto pendant provides unparalleled light.

w224 Alto pendant

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Art. No. 224S105302

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Powerful, super-wide-angle light

w224 Alto pendant’s multi-directional LED technology creates an incredibly wide-angle, even light distribution – a great alternative to conventional general lighting. Four powerful COBs provide a generous, indirect light of 11000 lm – brilliant enough to illuminate a large room, but also dimmable for a more atmospheric ambience.

Form follows function

The central element of w224 Alto pendant is its distinctive heat sink. Crafted from a single piece of solid die-cast aluminium, its geometric arrangement of vertical pins allows for a super- effective thermal management.

Dirk Winkel

Dirk Winkel is a Berlin-based product designer who graduated from the University of Arts (UdK) Berlin, followed by a MA in Design Products from the Royal College of Art (RCA) London in 2010.

He is specialised in lighting and furniture design and worked for different designers and design houses in Berlin and London before setting up his own studio in Berlin in summer 2011. Driven by belief in the beauty of formal purism and the classic principle of 'less but better', some of his great interests are the exploration of pushing the boundaries of mass production techniques, the rethinking of light and lighting paradigms, and the investigation of new materials and their potential.

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Technical specifications

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Luminous intensity distribution (polar)

w224 Alto pendant traffic white

Luminous flux: 10790 lm Efficacy: 118 lm / W



Canopy included


Canopy, rod & lamp body: aluminium
Reflector: polycarbonate
Cover: glass


Article-specific information

Net weight

3.1 kg



IP rating



Light source

COB LED (included)

Lifetime expectancy

L80 / 50,000 h

Colour temperature (CCT)

3000 K

Colour rendering index (CRI)

≥ 90

Standard deviation of colour matching

3-step MacAdam

Replaceable by a professional




System power

91 W


220–240 V

Light control

DALI dim

Insulation class


Article specifications
Traffic white (RAL 9016)
Jet black (RAL 9005)

w224 Alto pendant

Art. No.


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